Forsyth (State Championship) Montana

  • Applicants will be based on teams of 3. If under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


    Channel catfish are allowable species.


    Each individual must posses a valid fishing, boating and AIS license/sticker.


    Change of contestants must be made by the rules meeting. Teams must remain together during the event.


    Any legal artifical, live, fresh or frozen bait is allowed.


    Strictly rod and reel. No set lines, jugs, etc...


    No teams are allowed to fish from 7pm Friday of the rules meeting to the end of the tournament unless during tournament hours. 


    Boats are not to fish with in 50 feet of one another on anchor or drift.


    Boats must have a gas powered motor.


    Bank team must remain as a team, be within 20 feet of their rods or eachother.


    Teams are allowed to exit the boat so long as they stay with in 20 feet of the vessel.


    ALL fish will be caught and released during tournament hours. NO weighing early. Fish must come in live, cross the scale live and be released live.


    If a fish dies, the team will lose that fishes weight for the days total weight.


    Weight will be of 5 fish per day for a 10 fish total weight.


    ALL teams must be checked in at the start and end of the tournament.


    Late check in at start or end of event will result in forfeit.


    Alcohol consumtion is not allowed.


    NO spot holds.


    Drones, R.C. boats, etc are not allowed during tournament hours for the benefit of fishing.


    6 rods per team, no matter number of anglers with (3) per team. No limit of rods in the boat for back up use.


    In the event of a tie, the big fish of one of the teams will determine the winner.


    All navigatable waters are within the boundaries is allowed.


    Refunds will only be issued if tournament is full.


    ALL teams will be required to have a live well with proper aeration.


    Anglers are not allowed by law to transport river water.


    *Waiver and complete detailed rules can be obtained at the rules meeting.

  • T.B.D. 7pm, September 12,13, 2020


    1 team member must be in attendance.


    Launch Site:


    Far West




    Forsyth Dam to Hathaway




    7am to 3pm

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